Helping a dealership chain improve their photos and getting a consistent look across all locations.

About Terminalen

Terminalen is a Danish dealership chain with over 350 used cars listed for sale across 6 locations/departments. Terminalen focuses on makes such as Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, and Fiat. Terminalen is a part of Nic Christiansen Gruppen, who also owns and run Bayern AutoGroup as well as British MotorGroup.

How Carswip Helped

Since May 2017, we have helped Terminalen improve the online presentation of their cars as well as to create consistency in their photos across locations. This has been achieved through our Standard Editing service which was adjusted/customized to perfectly fit Terminalen's needs and wishes.


Using Carswip, Terminalen has improved their photo quality, and, most importantly, achieved a high level of consistency in photos across all their locations. Through the custom background and photo editing, Terminalen now has a recognizable and distinct look on all their cars, that will make their cars stand out on the different online car marketplaces. Below is a quick overview of what results Terminalen have achieved by using Carswip:

  • Increased activity on their cars
  • Consistent appearance across locations
  • Increase in photo quality

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